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Note: Availability of Sonichu's trophy information is dependent on the proper functioning of the Play Station Network. Games with over 50% progress include: Another demoscene production.

Again, we'd allege that Chris wouldn't get too far in Farbrausch's more famous interactive entertainment prod .kkrieger - not to even mention the largely .famous .product, dammit!

Likewise, it's probably not a coincidence that after Chris was permanently booted from The PLACe in the summer of 2008, he began spending a shit ton more tugboat money on PSN.

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According to the PSN profile for Sonichu, as of 29 January 2016, Chris has 3,724 trophies.Now, we're equally perplexed by the fact that Chris has only 75% of trophies in a bona-fide 3D Sonic title.Comparing to the list of games he owns, there was a bunch of them that he hadn't even booted up a single time.This is perhaps the most definite proof that Chris isn't mentally retarded (or, at least, he knows how to use Game FAQs).Most of the trophies are earned by progressing through the game normally.

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